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Zalea TV's editorial Charter (resumed)

The reasons why Zalea TV exists and how it aims to enable public access to the audiovisual sphere:

  • The promotion of pluralism of information and of free speech in the media, regardless of economical, political and other pressures exerted by the « establishment ».
  • Democratisation of citizens' access (whatever their nationality) and non profit organizations' access to free expression of their opinions and ideas, their creativity and their perception of how information should be presented in the audiovisual media,
  • Fight against censorship, self censorship and the manipulation of information by the established audiovisual media,
  • Deconstruction of the codes used by established television, search for new esthetic models to serve new editorial and artistic viewpoints,
  • Transforming television, now a vector of alienation and passivity, into a vector of action and emancipation.
  • Defense of human rights and the fight against all forms of discrimination and exclusion.

Apart from producing its own programs (a comparatively small part of its activity), Zalea TV supports the diffusion of works, whether amateur or professional, that are refused, censored, under-exposed, or ignored by established television.

Editorialized public access on Zalea TV is open to community programs produced by citizens, groups or organizations. Their programs will not be judged either on format or technical criteria, but on their affinity with Zalea's editorial Charter, based on the international Declaration of Human Rights.

Zalea TV defines its mission as that of an NGO of emergency intervention to facilitate access to the audiovisual media. Zalea TV aims to favor free expression for groups and sociocultural currents who never get access to the audiovisual media. Programs from community groups and non-governmental organizations, popular educational groups, social communication groups and informal community groups, independent creators.