Zalea TV
independent non profit public access tv
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French Television's National Community Channel

Zalea TV (literally: Zone of Action for the Liberty of Expression in the Audiovisual media) is a national community television channel which was founded in January 2000 by activists from the Free Media Movement (Coordination Permanente des Médias Libres / CPML).
The first community television licenced in France by the CSA for cable and satellite broadcast,
Zalea Tv firmly intends to stay free, ie. non profit, non commercial, and independent of all economic, political and institutional authorities. Zalea TV aims to open a space within the audiovisual world for the community-based, non commercial audiovisual projects and realisations in providing a national -international ?- channel for their productions, creations and expression. Zalea TV is a radical alternative to the establishment-owned public and private TV channels in France, a force of opposition indispensable to healthy democracy in the audiovisual media.

Zalea is on the air :
Every Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and odd Mondays
from 10pm to 02h30 am,
Canal 35 (analog hertzien : 583,25 MHz),
covering Paris + Paris Region (Ile-de-France)

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Just as there can be no democracy without a force of opposition,
there can be no audiovisual democracy without an audiovisual force of opposition.